15 YEARS!!

  • 3 October 2014
  • Lambretta's Cafe Bar

This time fifteen years ago, Rhys and Leanne along with a team of "originals" were busy painting and putting the finishing touches on what was about to be Nelsons newest cafe...look at these photos we found in an old album of the cafe being put together - and finally "ready for business"....


 original outside lambrettas 15 years           lambrettas 15 years original interior             



....That was 1999, now in 2014 the cafe is still going strong with Rhys and Leanne at the helm! 

We have many regular customers who've been coming for their daily fix since the early days, and of course we have gathered many more regulars along the way - Nelsonians who come daily or once a week.... or out-of-towners who pop in whenever they're in Nelson.

So whether you are one of regulars (old or new), if you come in occasionally or if you've never been before, come in and help us celebrate our 15th birthday.... there will be cake, special dishes celebrating our history and maybe even some more old photos for you to look at while you're here. 


Scoot on down!!



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